September 8th, 2014

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Imagine this: after balancing work and family responsibilities all day, you crawl into bed exhausted. The sheets feel cool, the pillow is fluffed and you have seven wonderful hours until you have to be up again. Then, you shoot straight up. You forgot to do the laundry again.

It’s no secret that working moms are busy, and as a work-from-home mom you feel that weight. Clients depend on you to meet deadlines while your kids depend on you for clean socks. Some days you wonder if you can really do it all. Here’s a reminder to help you remember that you can:

Set a Schedule

Because if you don’t, two things could happen:

  1. You’ll feel unnecessary stress about it because who knows when it will get done
  2. It won’t get done.
tips for cleaning your home

tips for cleaning your home

Setting aside a specific time, whether it’s 30 minutes a day or an hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, will free up your schedule and guarantee nothing gets forgotten. Start by creating a master list of chores you want to get done. Ideas range from doing the dishes and sorting the mail to wiping the baseboards and changing the air filters. If your list is getting long, don’t get discouraged. Keep going!

Next, divide the chores into categories: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Consider grouping the chores by room as well. With only a few chores each day, your new to-do list should be a bit more reasonable.

If this seems smart but complicated, let technology do the work for you. If you haven’t already, consider upgrading to a smartphone that can manage your to-do list for you. For example, apps like HomeRoutines and BrightNest help you create custom cleaning routines that simplify your life.

Get in the Groove

Once you set aside time, don’t waste it! If you’re trying to tackle multiple rooms with different cleaners and equipment each day, you’re hour will be up before you know it. Instead, plan to do similar chores together or only clean one or two rooms a day. For example, in addition to your daily cleaning routines, you could declare Monday as meal planning day, Tuesday as disinfectant day, Wednesday as wash day and so on.

Be Bold

Don’t let mundane tasks keep you from mastering a clean and orderly home. Gone are the days of hand washing floors and using a broom to beat your rug. With so many options available, get creative with your cleaning methods. Search Pinterest or experiment on your own to find unconventional cleaning hacks that work for you.

  • Kitchen Spills: Do you often find yourself cleaning up refrigerator spills? Use plastic placemats on the shelves to make cleaning quick and easy, suggests A Pretty Life. Plus, depending on your pattern choice, the mats can brighten the space with a pop of color.
  • Living Space Smells: Smelly couches? Kids and pets will do that to them. After the family goes to bed, sprinkle baking soda all over the cushions. Leave on overnight and vacuum in the morning. Voila!
  • Bathroom Bothers: Toss a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda in the toilet and watch it bubble before flushing it and any stains goodbye. While you have the vinegar out, dilute it with water and use to wipe windows, mirrors and soap buildup off shower walls.
  • Crayon-Covered Walls: Have a future Picasso on your hands? Keep his or her portraits off the walls with an ingredient from your fridge. Dip a rag in a cup of mayonnaise and coat the colors. Leave on for a few minutes, then wipe off, recommends This Old House.

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