July 28th, 2015

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Are you looking for a home-based career, so you can stay home with the kids and still earn money for your family? It’s not easy sacrificing time at home or paying for childcare, but with a work-at-home position you won’t have either expense. The difficulty is securing a position that affords you more free time, and offers you long-term job security, which is why you should seriously consider a career in graphic design.

Graphic Design On Laptop Shows Stylized Creations And Digital Illustrations

The Benefits of Working at Home as a Graphic Designer

In today’s market, few jobs are as secure as the freelance web and graphics designer’s. The Internet is expansive, and the need for graphic content is growing. Plus, this position pays well. On average freelance graphic designers charge anywhere from $20 to $150 per hour.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to working moms is that a career in graphic design affords them more time with their kids. If you have a laptop, this job is as mobile as your children are. Go to the park, and work on logos, site design, and more from the comfort of a park bench. You set your own hours, so it’s possible to work around your kid’s schedules too. These benefits are truly invaluable when you’re raising young children.


Graphic Design Education

According to Platt.edu, you can earn yourself an Associate of Applied Science: Graphic Design degree in as little as 16 months. Your course work will teach you to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and HTML/CSS. Californian moms can earn a graphic design degree from Platt.

Not all colleges are the same. Platt offers day and evening classes to its students, but some colleges may have stricter schedules. Do your research, and ensure the school you pick works with your busy schedule. Fortunately, there are plenty of graphics programs that will meet your requirements and also promote a family atmosphere. For example, some colleges offer free and reduced price on-site daycares.


Explore Your Creativity

Children may be preparing you for a career in graphics, and you don’t even realize it. Children require you to brainstorm creative solutions to problems you previously never anticipated. How to entertain a three-year-old on a snow day, and still manage to get the house clean? Your children have made you more creative without your even realizing it, and you can apply this creativity to your new career.

While attending classes, you’ll also be building a portfolio of your creative work. This is going to be essential to your freelance career, according to Millo.co. “Take some time to create an effective online portfolio or you can kiss your chances of becoming a successful freelance designer goodbye.” Luckily, your course work will provide you with lots of examples of your talent, which you can then publish online.

In closing, graphic design is an incredible useful tool, and knowledge about graphics will continue to benefit for your career no matter where life takes you. No one wants to struggle financially, but some moms simply aren’t able to work outside the home. These moms are urged to consider the benefits of a successful online business, such as graphic design.


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