December 20th, 2016

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The demands of running your own business are never ending and can sap you of your energy. To put in the care required for your business, you must make sure you take care of yourself first. A healthy lifestyle — formed through intentional morning habits that boost your physical well-being — is essential to your personal and entrepreneurial success. Be mindful of your diet, exercise routines and body care techniques to supply the momentum and mindset that you need to run your business.

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Morning Fuel

Take your breakfast game up a notch and start your day off with some high-energy nutrients. Some of the best morning foods include oatmeal, eggs, yogurt and fruit smoothies. Your food should be high in protein and also have a balanced mix of carbohydrates and healthy fats. Fiber is another essential element, as low-fiber foods will leave you feeling sluggish and diminish your energy rese

rve. You should also steer clear of any foods that are high in processed sugar, like sugar cereals, flavored yogurt, pancakes, waffles and pastries. These sugary foods will result in a blood sugar crash shortly after they’re eaten. For ideas on nutrient-rich breakfast foods, visit Health Magazine’s website.

Energizing Workout

Start your workday with a workout that will amp up your physical and mental stamina. While it may feel difficult to wake up early for a gym session, you’ll fin

d that it’s worth the time and effort. The extra boost of endorphins you’ll have, post workout, will keep your body energized and also increase your brain’s focus, critical thinking and creativity. With this excess energy and enhanced mood, you’ll be well-equipped for your day. Join a group fitness class that will give you a workout and also allow time for socialization and fun. 24 Hour Fitness has facilities nationwide that offer many different classes to members.

Body Care

In the morning, your body needs some assistance to wake from its restful state. Even a small practice — like stretching — will rejuvenate and warm up your muscles for your daily activities. You can easily integrate stretching into your showering routine or right before you change into your work

clothes. Your skin will also require morning care, so it’s protected throughout the day. In the winter months, guard it from the biting cold with body butter and facial moisturizer. Your lotion should always be at least SPF 30 to protect from sun damage as well, even if the day is overcast. Thorough skin care will reduce the risk of dry, chapped skin that will detract from your professional look.

Morning Mindfulness

Mentally prepare yourself for your intensive workday with meditation. Meditation is shown to increase focus, creativity, critical thinking and disposition. It is a great method of practice to keep your stress at bay and maintain a clear mind throughout the day. A meditation session will require only a few minutes out of your morning. The Headspace Appprovides basic, guided meditations and mindfulness exercises that last only 10 minutes. The app keeps track of your routines and practices, as well as alerts you of your scheduled meditation time. It can be used through your laptop, Apple iOS or Android devices and downloaded from the Apple iTunes App or Google Play Store.

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