February 8th, 2017

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Diapers, feeding schedules and cranky babies who won’t sleep are enough to run a new mother ragged. If you are like many new moms, you are already feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending task of keeping clutter to a minimum. Busy moms like you need fast and easy tips so you can maintain something that looks more like a house than a daycare center.

Fridge Organizers

First things first. You are going to be bottle feeding or storing milk for a long time, and even when you baby fully transitions to solid food, you will find yourself storing snacks like squeeze applesauce and Danimals. Get your refrigerator organized from the beginning with simple organizer bins.

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Hide-it-all Storage Baskets

You know the doorbell is going to ring at exactly the time your family room looks like a nuclear bomb hit it. Make your quick clean-up sweep a breeze with large storage baskets. These are great because you can stack them in a corner or alongside furniture and they look like real décor instead of plastic tubs. Opt for ones with lids to hide everything from blankets and burp cloths to baby books. When closed, they can function as a coffee table or side table. As your child grows, teach them how to put their own items away in them too.

Diaper Stations

You have discovered that diapers need to be within several easy-to-reach outposts in your house. Instead of having them stacked on your fireplace mantle, atop the refrigerator or strewn across your entry table, look for a functional piece of furniture to store them. Shelving with multiple baskets works great because in one basket you can keep diapers, another keep wipes, and another keep your diaper bag so you can reload it before your leave the house.

Closet Clutter

If your bedroom closets are beginning to look like large junk deposits with sliding doors, time to look into closet organization systems that will keep baby’s things organized for years to come. Best, systems such as these grow with your child and maximize space for all those odd-sized items. Traditional closets are only a rod and a shelf but babies and small children have small clothes so you don’t need all that hanging space. Turn that space into areas for bins that can store toys, diapers, and more.

Baby Pictures

Most moms have an aspiration to create keepsake quality scrapbooks of baby’s first year. What really happens is you realize when your child is five you have 5,492 photo’s stored randomly on your phone and you haven’t done anything with them. Before all those pictures become a digital hoard, invest in a high quality photo management software such as PaintShop Pro. Software programs such as this have more features than any phone app, allowing you to create robust tags, an array of special effects, support many file formats, and allow you to easily upload to all your social media accounts.


Organization isn’t just about the “stuff” but also organizing your time so you have more time for yourself. Some simple strategies you can incorporate include:

  • Make your mornings easier by setting out everything the night before. This includes clothing for you and baby, bottles, snacks, anything you take to daycare. In the event of a bad night’s rest and oversleeping your alarm, you will be glad you did.
  • Set a timer for yourself. Is baby content watching Little Einstein videos? Or is she napping or hanging out with dad? This is your time. It’s tempting to use the time to clean more bottles or vacuum the floor but resist this. Talk to your spouse about how you need a little time every day as a break from being on duty too, just like he or she has in their workday. Set a timer or block your calendar for you time and do something your enjoy like a bubble bath, reading a magazine or painting your nails.
  • Clear your mind. Before bed each night, make a list of things that you need or want to do the next day or in the week. Keep a small notebook by your bedside. You can use it too to write small journal entries about how you are feeling or how your day went. But clearing you mind of tasks and worries will help you sleep better through the night and feel more refreshed for all the multi-tasking you will do the next day.

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