June 13th, 2017

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By Abbey DeHart


For some families, a fancy, designated home office isn’t a reality—but for moms who work from home, it’s a necessity! You need a place to store important papers, put your printer and scanner, and work at your computer easily. The good news is you don’t need a whole extra room to create a functional office space. If all you need are a small desk and a storage area, here’s a simple and easy way to combine them both.

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Cube storage is an easy and affordable way to stylishly add extra storage space to your home—but have you ever considered using it for anything other than that? For this project, we took a normal corner of a room and created a functional desk area with plenty of space to store projects, supplies and more. The cube storage desk shown here is being used as a standing desk, but you could easily add a counter-height chair or stool to the desk to turn it into a seated desk, as well.

To create your own, start by purchasing two cube storage “boxes” at your desired height and width. For our desk, we assembled two 24×36-inch cube storage boxes with the backs left off of them, so that storage could be accessed on either side of the desk.

Next, we added a 24×60-inch white board over top of the cubes, and applied Gorilla glue between the cube and the board to stabilize it.

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After you install the desk, you can use the hardware that comes with the cubes to fix it to the wall to ensure that it doesn’t tip over or shift. Then, can get to organizing your space with all the items you’d put in a traditional home office.

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You can easily customize the look of your home office by selecting different colored organizers and the wood that you use to put on top. Try adding a stenciled pattern to the top of the desk or installing floating shelves above the desktop. You could even make a two-person desk along a wall by adding a third cube organizer in the middle.

Jodi Holzband of SpareFoot recommends adding a physical barrier to add to the feel of having your office, even if you don’t have a door to close: “Put up something that creates a feeling of separation from your living space, like a row of tall plants or a Japanese folding screen. Working near a window is a great bonus, but many office environments don’t even have that, so make sure you invest in good lighting for your space and the kind of work you are doing,” she says.

The options are endless (and affordable) with this project. The best part is that you can knock it out in just a few hours!


Abbey DeHart has a passion for DIY and home decor and writes about it for several publishers, including The Home Depot. She gives tips and ideas on topics such as creating an DIY office space using storage cubes and white boards

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