June 16th, 2017

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By Brian Zeng

New moms juggle rising family expenses, long work hours and the responsibilities that come with raising a young family. It is no surprise that many are opting to earn an income and support their family while staying at home.

Working from home gives many women the flexibility they are looking for, while enabling them to contribute to their family’s income.

When selecting a job, flexibility is one of the most important deciding factors that count for women after compensation, according to a survey by Fairygodboss.

Working from home, though attractive, is not easy. Firstly, you need to decide on the job that you would like to take up. This has to be done keeping in mind your existing skill sets and the ways in which you can upgrade or build on them. Setting up online shops is an option open to moms looking to work from home.

Several factors need to be considered before deciding on the right work-from-home opportunity. Here are a few tips in this regard:

1)  Do Your Homework

Any major decision requires careful planning. It also requires you to do proper research and ensure that you make the right choices.

Several online resources allow you to check out the best opportunities available. This infographic on well-paying work-at-home jobs will give you an idea of the skills that are the most sought after.

With rapid strides in technology, it has become possible to collaborate with team members working in different time zones. It is also possible to develop and grow businesses on a global scale without worrying about whether or not seamless coordination and communication between global teams are possible.

So, whether you are great at web designing, coding, tutoring or project management, it is possible to solicit business and acquire clients from virtually any part of the globe. Automattic, parent company of WordPress, lets its employees work from a location they choose, and is proud of the fact that they operate without email or physical offices.

So if you have the right skills, the opportunities are endless.

2)  Think Long Term

You should ideally try to explore work opportunities that you are genuinely interested in and are passionate about. Work-from-home jobs require a massive amount of self-discipline and self-motivation. You need to be driven to market yourself, seek out opportunities and complete projects on time. If you find the work dreary and uninteresting, maintaining the tempo will prove to be hard.

The best thing will be to approach this as a long-term commitment. Check out a few jobs and take up a few assignments. You will be better able to understand where your strength and interest lie, and make choices accordingly.

If you take up creative and innovative jobs like that of freelance photographer or writer, then you will have to ensure that your work speaks for itself. Since you mostly get time-bound projects you will have to be intrinsically motivated to complete them on time and in a professional manner. If you are a remote-working project manager, you will not only have to manage your work, but also ensure that your team does so too. Keeping tabs on team performance is easy now with the latest technology at your disposal, but you will have to evaluate whether or not you will be able to cope with tight deadlines, especially if you have young kids at home.

So ensure you choose a career path that is sustainable and manageable in the long term.

3)  Learn to Manage Contingencies

Remote jobs are not free from job-related contingencies and stresses. Escalations often reach a boiling point because the employees do not see each others’ facial expressions and miss cues as to what the other person really means.

It is important that you learn to deal with remote-working teams based in different countries and collaborate on a variety of projects. Many companies like Elastic, a software company, maintain a constant video channel to let employees see each other when sorting out critical issues. Elastic has no physical HQ and has 500 employees working in about 32 countries. They are brought together periodically when the company flies them down to various global cities for team get-togethers.

4)  Enjoy Your Flexible Schedule

Contrary to the stereotype that is associated with remote jobs, taking up a work-from-home opportunity does not mean that you spend the entire day in pajamas and unkempt hair. Most remote workers prefer to maintain an organized office space, where they can work without distractions. Even if you have not opted for a full-time remote job, it pays to keep regular work hours and stick to a routine. This will train your mind to stay focused during ‘office hours.’

Since your job affords you flexibility, ensure to use that to attend to the important work at home or spend some time on yourself. The pleasures of a flexible remote job include finding time for your young kids as they come home from school or daycare, signing up for a weekly yoga or dance class, or choosing to cook healthier meals than rely on takeouts. That fact that you can mold your life according your preference alone makes the whole effort of building a successful remote career worthwhile.


Women, especially moms, find remote-working opportunities extremely attractive. Make sure that you are mentally prepared to take up the challenges that come with a remote job. Do your research well and zero in on an opportunity that gives you the best of everything.



Brian Zeng is a Blogger  at Ponbee.com. He is a digital marketing enthusiast. His interests include aiding small business growth and following e-commerce trends. He is a tech junkie with an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys spending his time on staying updated on the various aspects of digital marketing and website design

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