July 28th, 2017

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Noah waited 100 years for God to send rain, the first rain the earth had ever seen.  In a society where it seems everything is fast paced and wireless technology can preoccupy us every second of every day, patiently waiting has become a lost virtue.  In the life of a believer, one of the most difficult things to do at times can be waiting on God. When it comes to answering our prayers, I have come to learn that God is rarely if ever early, never late, but seemingly right on time — His time.

I remember a difficult period in my life when it seemed God was so far away and the pain and uncertainty seemed to have no end in sight.  Instead of focusing on my troubles and having a pity party, I chose to keep my eyes on Christ and trust God’s plan and not force my own.  As I waited, I actively spent quality time daily in God’s word.  I wanted to know His will for my life and thought knowing Him through His word was the best place to begin!  My prayer life grew tremendously and at first I admit I offered up many prayers asking God to intercede and make my situation all better.  After I while though I realize my prayers were selfishly all about me. What if I did like Job and offered up prayers for others.  The Bible says, “Job’s circumstances changed” when “he prayed for his friends.”  What would happen if my prayers where more about aligning myself with God and His will?  What if it was more about His Kingdom come?  As I began praying more like Jesus did, for OTHERS, I found my prayers didn’t necessarily change my circumstances, my prayers began to change ME.

Amazingly I began to see God working all around and it was not my ability that matter, but my AVAILABILITY.  I used this “unanswered prayer” for 3 years to focus my activity on aligning with God and what He was already doing and then simply joining Him.  This grew me and prepared my heart for the blessing that most certainly would come.  My investment in a closer relationship with God ensured me that when God did speak and answer my prayer, I would surely hear Him correctly.  And when your prayer involves who God wants you to spend the rest of your life with, you don’t want to hear wrong on that one!  Just as God restored Job many times over what he allowed Satan to take away, God also did the same for me!  It has literally been UNBELIEVABLE! Keep trusting as you actively wait on God.

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