November 8th, 2017

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Juggling the responsibilities of career and family life can feel like working two full-time jobs at once. For moms who work at home, the lines between home and the office can disappear completely, making it hard to escape work mode. Is there a woman in your life who deserves a reward for all the hard work she does? Instead of buying her new clothes or a book she doesn’t have time to read, consider treating her to an experience and some time away from the daily grind.

Whether it’s a night of stand-up comedy, great seats to see her favorite team play or tickets to a big show, give the lady in your life a break from her routine, and a reminder that you appreciate her every single day. Consult our roadmap below to gift the work-at-home mom in your life with a little time to relax and have fun.

1)    Pick your location: Destination or nearby? Depending on your budget and schedule, you may want to whisk her away for a weekend in the big city. If you’re going all out, it doesn’t get any better than dinner followed by a Broadway show and a stay in a downtown hotel. And if the babysitter can’t cover a quick night to NYC to see an acclaimed musical, there are Broadway productions all across the country. Check out local venues to see shows, artists and acts that will be coming to town.

2)    Set the tone: Calm and relaxed or time to party? A night of ballet or theater would be the perfect escape from a busy life for some women. Others want to dance the night away at a rock concert. Fortunately, there’s an event for every taste. If you’re not sure what she’d like, ask her a few questions about what she’d do with a night off (and be prepared for her to tell you she’d like to sleep). You won’t ruin the surprise, and you’ll feel confident knowing you’re picking something she will truly enjoy.

3)    Choose the guest list. Will this be a romantic evening for two, a girls’ night out, or a mother-daughter bonding date? She might enjoy seeing her friends, but it would be special to see the show as a couple. Coordinate with her pals to meet up for drinks afterward and she’ll have twice the surprise.

4)    Don’t make it seem like more work for her. This one is huge. Work around her busiest work days, arrange for babysitters, and figure out a way to help her take a night off without falling behind or feeling stressed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her friends or close family members to help you pull it off. They will be glad to pitch in and share the surprise.

5)    Consider leaving her at home alone. That’s right—for some busy working moms, a quiet, child-free night at home with a good book and a cup of tea might just be the perfect escape. If that’s the case, think about taking the kids to an event yourself while letting mom have the house to herself for a few hours.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect event for the hard-working mom in your life, consider how to surprise her with the news. Here are a few simple, creative ways to let her know she’s in for a treat:

  • Leave the tickets somewhere she’ll find them unexpectedly, like in her favorite coffee mug, next to her toothbrush, or on her car windshield.
  • Get the kids involved. Maybe a kiddo can bring home a “note from the teacher” that really details the plans for the big day.
  • Heading to see her favorite band play live? Buy her their newest album, and tuck the tickets inside.
  • Feeling bold? Find a sitter and invent an errand to run with her, then let her know that you’re actually going out to dinner and a show.

She’s passionate about her job and her kids, but every mom needs a break sometimes. No matter what event you choose, the lady in your life will be grateful for such a thoughtful gift. It’s the perfect way to show her you care, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or “just because.” Give a mom you love the gift of a little free time and a few great memories.


About the Author

Adam Young, the founder and CEO of Event Tickets Center, often surprises his loved ones with event tickets—and he doesn’t mind being on the receiving end of this thoughtful gift, either.

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