November 30th, 2017

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As a work-at-home mom, you likely spend your days juggling numerous work and family responsibilities. From finishing a phone interview with a client before your kids wake up for school to burning the midnight oil to tackle a huge project, you are literally busy from morning until night.


That’s simply the life you lead as a WAHM mom. Still, in order to stay on tops of things and be as efficient as possible, it’s important to utilize a number of business tools when working from the comfort of home. Here are four useful business tools that are essential for your at-home business to succeed and thrive:

1. Protection From Ransomware

Your computer — and everything work-related that’s stored inside — is likely your most invaluable investment and everyday useful tool. As such, the last thing you need to deal with is a ransomware attack, which targets vulnerable systems in order to gain access to important documents and files often through email or a social networking site.

To protect your computer or smart device from this sort of malicious attack, consider investing in a ransomware protection plan from a reputable company like Mozy. By keeping up to a year’s worth of previous versions of files, Mozy allows you to restore your files from any point in time prior to an attack.

2. Tools to Manage Your To-Do List

Whether you just landed your first freelance writing client or have been a WAHM for some time running a successful Etsy business, it is important to adopt and maintain a task management system that keeps track of your projects and invoices.

As Twins Mommy notes, Google Drive can be a lifesaver for a busy WAHM. In fact, the user-friendly project management system gives you a clear picture of your day-to-day tasks and what you need to accomplish. Use Google Drive to maintain a record of your clients, a list of projects and due dates, payment information and more.

3. A Calendar or Planner

You may pride yourself on your amazing memory. But if you don’t use any sort of calendar or planner to better organize your home-based business and family life, eventually something is bound to fall through the cracks. Of course. you definitely don’t want to miss an important deadline because it fell off your radar.

As The Ecommerce Mom notes, the best calendar or reminder system is the one you actually plan to use. Some WAHMs love a paper calendar or huge whiteboard in their home office, where they can jot down any looming work deadlines as well as family-related appointment reminders or planned vacations.

If you prefer a digital calendar you can access from your smartphone. The free and handy app, a three-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner, allows you to keep everyone’s appointments and activities in one place, create and share lists, note deadlines and more.

4. Email Marketing Tools

When you first launch your business, emailing a small group of customers may not feel like a big deal or cumbersome process. But as your email list grows to 100 or more people, it can quickly become overwhelming. Subscribing to an email marketing tool like Constant Contact will help you to better manage your list of contacts. In fact, this popular customer relationship management tool can be set up to automatically:

  • Add new prospects who visit your website and fill out a form
  • Send newsletters to clients on certain days
  • Manage your profit and loss statements

Your Time is Valuable, and These Tools Can Help.

By utilizing these four business tools, you’ll likely feel more comfortable and organized as a WAHM. And by staying on top of your many duties, you may be able to take on more clients and projects and help your at-home business to be even more successful.

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