March 2nd, 2018

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In this age of the world wide web and fast-paced technological development, having a killer website is the first and most important step of many marketing initiatives. But with every new and existing brand fighting for consumers’ attention, how do you make your site stand out? Research conducted by the Nielsen Normal Group concluded that to gain several minutes of a users’ attention, it’s imperative to capture their attention within the first 10 seconds of them landing on your page. While you may have interesting content and clear value proposition for your business, it’s the extra touches on your website that can keep visitors engaged. Let’s take a look at a few examples of features you can include in your next website revamp.


1. Visual Aesthetics

It may seem simple, but if you only have a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention then you better make sure your website looks cool. There’s nothing worse than a website filled with lots of words, structured in a boring layout without any visual aesthetics. Instead, employ cool and engaging features like fonts, formatting styles, colors, diagrams, memes, photos and infographics that make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for and use the website accordingly. Once you have this all down-pat, format the content in a visual hierarchy so it’s easier for your customers to remain engaged with information and absorb it at a faster speed simply through visuals.

2. Interactive Features

What’s one of the best ways to keep a user engaged? Keep them moving and active on your site. Including interactive features that demand users to keep clicking and engaging in some form of call to action ensure they won’t get bored. This also gives you more time to provide them with as much information as possible to get them hooked on your products and services. For example, Apple Rubber uses interactive features like moving parts on the screen, hyperlinks that lead to different landing pages on their site, live customer service chat boxes and easily accessible customer surveys. These ideas are a great way of capturing attention and setting yourself apart from your competitors.

3. Video Integration

While written content is always necessary on any website, it’s important to offer other unique ways to convey information to your customers. Due to their visual and vocal capabilities, videos have a unique and efficient way of getting a user’s attention fast and keep them engaged for longer. You could not only use videos as an auto-play pop-up upon entry to the site, but you could also keep users engaged for longer periods by utilizing videos to display product or service features more efficiently and effectively. Keep in mind that when you do include video content, it’s vital that the quality is high — use professional equipment and plan strategic concepts for each video so that it has a clear purpose in engaging your audience.

For any brand or initiative, having a high-quality website is vital to long-term success. While a lot of time and effort goes into the some essentials needed in a website, consider the extra features you will include to get your audiences engaged quicker and for longer.

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