March 25th, 2009

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If you are contemplating a home business or working at home, here are some money-saving suggestions to help you along the way:

budget• Don’t assume you can’t make it without your income. Add up all the expenses related to working outside the home such as child care, gas, clothing, dining out, dry cleaning, taxes, etc.
• Take time to look at your household budget, and see where you can save regardless how insignificant it may seem.
• Shop around for cheaper insurance and/or refinance your auto or home loans if advantageous.
• Use coupons for food and other household needs.
• Sell one vehicle. Your spouse may be able to ride in a van pool or take a bus to work.
• Consolidate credit cards onto one card with the lowest percentage rate.
• Get rid of non-essential bills like cable, extra phone lines, call waiting, etc.
• Pack a lunch for your spouse and children.
• Lower (or raise) your thermostat by one degree.
• Install ceiling fans to help keep electric bills low.

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